New Friends

I find it so interesting how God works in the most unassuming ways. Today, while playing in the park, two little girls arrived with their baby prams (strollers). Theron is fond of anything with wheels, in particular, if it’s his height. He loves to push his pram, so much more when he can see over the top! So while the little girls played on the slide and adjacent apparatus, he circled their toy prams like a little vulture, but ever so careful not to touch, per my request.

Usually, parents, including myself, take notice and chime in with a note that it’s okay for the child to have a go. However, these mothers first ignored us, then one commented how tempting it probably was to him. So, after a semi-successful attempt to distract him with the tyre swing (he ventured back for a few more vulturing circles), I opted that it was time to get him his own ‘something to push’.

We ventured back to the flat for my wallet, then we were off on an adventure to treat my little man. Mind you, the entire time, I am thinking, ‘it is not like me, just to run out to get something like this for Theron’, as though in my frustration that he couldn’t just ‘have a go’, we needed to remedy the situation.

No further than the next street, I see a gal I met only briefly, the week before. We engaged in a simply delightful conversation and before we knew it our children, only 3 months apart, were happily playing. A few minutes turned into great laughter, similar history stories, intriguing travel stories, and 2 hours of fun!

As they left our flat, I found myself thanking God and smiling at his inconspicuous ways of bringing people together – and allowing seemingly miserly mums to create the perfect set up for a new relationship. I am so thankful for my (and Theron’s!) new friends.

Thank you God, for teaching me to be open to your gentle prod, even when it doesn’t make sense to me and goes against my immediate nature. Thank you more so, for being stronger than my own will to do what is ‘natural’ for me.  Amen.



  1. Heather
    27 May, 2012

    Looks great my friend! I love your story. So glad you could see God’s fingerprints on the whole encounter. Glad you were open to His plan. Thanks so much for sharing. Proud of your bravery in following His lead!

    • Catherine
      27 May, 2012

      Hi Heather! Thank you for the vote of confidence and checking out the site. Your blog has been a source of inspiration to me in just putting myself out there and letting God grow me. Much love to you, and your beautiful family!


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