An Introduction to dōTERRA® Essential Oils

My newest addiction (it’s legal 😉 all started with my back pain. As Sprout was learning to walk, (which he desired to do almost from day 1 – the kid never really crawled!) he would want to be upright to go anywhere and everywhere. This meant *hours* of being bent over him to hold his hands.

While I loved his tenacity, my back did not. The ‘burning’ sensation began in my mid-back and continued to spread to my upper back. It was tight and intense. Troy would rub it for me, and relieve the pain for a few moments. I tried therapeutic massage. (This was actually my first massage ever!) While it felt better for a few minutes, the pain did not cease. I was finally recommended to chiropractic care, which I had also never tried. With adjustments, I had relief for longer periods, but the cost is exorbitant and not in a stay-at-home Mum’s budget!

My neighbor and friend, Debbie, shared a sample of essential oil (EO) from a company called ‘dōTERRA®’. They had a blend, created to help muscle pain called Deep Blue®.

At first, I rubbed a tiny amount on my aching back. I didn’t really feel much. After a couple days, Deb inquired how the EO was working. I responded honestly, that it wasn’t doing so much. She asked how/how often I was applying it. I said once a day and ‘tipped my finger over the spout’. She recommended application more frequently (3-4 times per day), and to ensure I got at least a full drop of the oil.

Almost immediately I felt better. (I have many more stories and information to come!) Right now, I want to share some of what makes dōTERRA different. What I love about EO’s and specifically dōTERRA is that they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®.

The FDA does not have a standard on marketing essential oils, other than the manufacturer must ensure at least 10% of the product is the oil.


What is left up to the oil manufacturer to decide?

  1. What composes the other 90%
  2. What part of the plant is used for extraction (i.e flower, leaves, root, stem, etc?)
  3. When the plant is harvested
  4. Where the plant is grown
  5. Whether the plant is organic or grown using pesticides
  6. How the oil is extracted

How does dōTERRA respond to these questions? dōTERRA essential oils are guaranteed. CPTG® is an internal standard they came up with for themselves:

  1. 100% pure oil extract. No fillers, no addatives
  2. Only the most therapeutic part of the plant is used for extraction. (The rest is sold off to other companies for other purposes)
  3. The plant is harvested only at peak time for maximum therapeutic qualities
  4. Grown only in environments most suited to produce top therapeutic qualities. I.e dōTERRA Lavender comes from lavender fields in France.
  5. Only produced of organic plants, no pesticides or other chemical residues
  6. Only distilled using the right conditions

All of these qualities are what make dōTERRA oils safe and effective.

How can one be sure this is trust worthy? A few ways.
1. dōTERRA uses independent testing to ensure quality.
2. Smell test: If you have another company’s essential oil product, do the smell test. Smell the non-dōTERRA oil, followed by the dōTERRA oil. (Lavender is a common one to use for this test). You will likely find the non-dōTERRA oil has a harsh alcohol smell. The dōTERRA oil will smell balanced and clean.
3. Touch test: Rub each into your skin. Pure essential oils should not feel oily. Rather, they should absorb cleanly and fully into your skin.

Learn more or try them for yourself! Visit my dōTERRA® site to search/order.

More to come on Making Over My Medicine Cabinet…


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