Traveling Tips – with Toddler (Part 2)

Hopping the Pond (Part II)

For the Airport

  • If you have the means, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a seat for children on long flights. It gives them AND you space to rest. Sprout sleeps much longer in his own seat, than in my arms. My husband came out before us, so it was just me on the flight. Praise the Lord, he slept 85% of the flight!
  • To carry the car seat, I considered purchasing one of those carts made fit to purpose – but at >$70, I simply couldn’t justify it – AND it was one more thing to store, once we got here!  After a little Internet research, a new option became efficient and effective… Using the latch system and long strap on the car seat, attach it to your carry-on!
    • I used one 2 inch o-ring (from hardware store) and 8 carabiners to make up the space between the latch straps and the o-rings.
    • This works best with a *full* carry-on suitcase. (In case you want to experiment at home beforehand).


  • Pack a mini-medicine kit for headaches, nausea, coughs, etc. My little keychain of travel vials with EO fit the need, perfectly!
    • Oils packed: Peppermint, Lavender, On Guard, Serenity, Ginger, Citrus Bliss, Lemon. We didn’t use all of them, but it’s good to be prepared.
  • Food/snacks. A great way to use up those last produce items in the fridge is to chop them into fun-size sticks/slices for your trip. It fills the ‘sweet’ or ‘crunchy’ need to have fresh oranges/pears/grapes, etc and peppers/carrots, etc on hand. Additionally, using some plastic food storage containers, you’ll have those in your new home!
  • Be sure to pre-pack your ‘liquids’ bag for the carry-on. Keeping food, your medicines, toys, etc in separate storage bags for easy-access in those overhead bins.
  • Pack extra clothes for BOTH you and baby. Most of us think of packing an extra outfit for the baby, but a friend once shared a story where her little one got sick ON her and she did not have another shirt to change into. Murphy’s law.. my recommendation is ‘carry your umbrella’ – pack the extra shirt! 😉
  • Tuck in an extra gallon-sized bag to keep soiled clothes sealed and separate from other items in your bag.
  • If your child uses a pacifier, pack extra. You never know where they will drop one!

Next up – On the Plane.. including inexpensive play for a happy trip!


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