Joy and Great Service – Observations of the US Embassy London

Walking around London, one will happen upon many offices that may as well be beautiful entries to a residence. Each with its own country flag proudly displaying out front and usually a sign that indicates it is the ‘Embassy of ….’.

For some reason, I always find it exciting to find these offices and just wonder, even briefly as I walk by, who is working there today? Are any Heads of State in? What kind of exciting business are they tending to today? What other services are being offered to their country’s citizens?

This morning, we had the privilege of not only walking up to, but inside the US Embassy in London.

Arriving around the corner, to witness it, I was filled with joy that the first thing to catch my eye was the Arizona Flag catching a few bursts of the gentle morning breeze, along with the other 49 state flags, positioned in the order in which they became a state.

It was like being home.

It was a gift from God. The skies were blue with little puffy white clouds providing the peaceful background to the enormous gold Bald Eagle hovering over the entrance-side of the grandiose building. The beautiful Stars and Stripes waving so elegantly in the background.

We were both overwhelmed.

I think I could have looked at it for hours in admiration. Admiration of freedom. Of hope. Of the awe-inspiring fact that so many thousands have and continue to serve and protect our freedoms. And that THIS is my (earthly) home. So blessed to be an American.

All of this will forever be burned in my memory. Good thing, because we were not allowed to take phones/cameras into the building. Thus, we left them at the hotel. I must return in hopes of catching another beautiful morning sky with this image to share with you. (This image is from flickr – see below).

The business we tended to there went better than we hoped. All staff we encountered were cheerful, kind, and courteous. Even the guards outside engaged Sprout in morning pleasantries. When the opportunity presented itself, US Embassy staff went beyond expectations of customer service.

Troy and I could not wait to get home to write the Embassy in thanks, specifically calling out those who helped us so generously.

Have you thanked those who gave you good customer experience? So often those in service roles only hear the negative. Their supervisors and bosses receive more nasty-grams than praise. Whenever Troy and I experience customer service that exceeds our expectations in any form or fashion, we make it a point to get their name and follow up with the company as soon as possible.

Don’t you enjoy a good pat on the back for job-well-done? So do they! So what are you waiting for? Who can you praise today?

Until I get my own image 🙂
Photo Credit: Simon Lee as retrieved from


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