…And We’re Back!

When we returned from England, I knew I’d need some time to re-adjust at home. A few weeks turned into a few months. Okay, I thought, I just make it a 1-year hiatus and kick off after the summer…


Then a miscarriage, and a full-term pregnancy later – we are now Blooming as a family of four and loving it! But, I do miss sharing life. I’ve written multiple unpublished notes along the way, as I’ve had numerous (that’s probably an understatement!) chances to ‘bloom’. Maybe I’ll get to share some of those experiences in hindsight. It’s time to start writing again!


I hope to fine-tune the topics, but I’ll see how that shaping takes place. For now, it’s good to be back!

Here’s a pic from Christmastime – Cheers to you and yours in 2015, from The Plants!



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