History of 'Bloom Where You Are Planted'

I had no idea the journey God would take me on as I married Troy. Even as we planned our wedding, he asked me if I’d like to move to Arizona. I believe my response was, “in a heartbeat!”


“Are you serious?”

Indeed, he was serious. Throughout our relationship, we’ve grown closer to one another as we grew closer to God and developed the most incredible relationships. Even as we searched for our new home in AZ (we must have walked through 2 or 3 dozen), when we walked into our current home, we both knew it was the one. Sure, it was cute, properly appointed for sale, but something greater than all the facade was the incredible peace we both had that this was home, where we were supposed to be.

Enter Jerry and Debbie.

Our new neighbors were on our doorstep within 2 days with a fresh plate of the most delicious brownies I’ve ever tasted! (Yes, I had to taste, even with my allergies – come on, it was chocolate!) They have gone on to become the reason the Plant’s were planted in that house, on that street. We are confident God had it in mind for us to be gra*ciously planted next to them.

*Don’t ‘cha just love when you can find God’s purpose in things?! It’s like winning a scavenger hunt! Not that I have figured Him out, but that I received a wee-glimpse of His Goodness, His Humor.*

Debbie is without a doubt the most influential Christian woman in my life. Wife, Mother, Friend, and now “DeeDee” to little Sprout. By word and action, she feeds me encouragement, holds me accountable, and inspires me to continue to seek God on a daily basis.   ..oh, and we share passions for natural goodness, good books, and DIY!

As a couple, Jerry and Debbie walk the walk.. they fully-embrace their covenant relationship with God, one another, and their friends. They are the kind of people who will go out of their way to help. Like the Good Samaritan, they take in and nourish (physically and spiritually) anyone in need without hesitation. Quite literally, they are ‘Jesus with skin on’. And isn’t that what I want to be?

In our budding relationship, when I was facing some bumpy roads, Debbie shared a phrase with me that was common to her growing up, but I had never heard before; “Bloom where you are planted”, she said with a smile sweet as strawberry pie. (and the cutest southern accent!).

Spiritually, physically, and literally it made sense. I’ve taken it on as a life-quote. As a Plant, I am committed to blooming wherever God plants me. I know that as long as I remain connected to The Vine, I will bear fruit in His name and for His glory. Whenever in a peculiar place, I recall those sweet, soft words of encouragement to Bloom Where I am Planted, and suddenly am energized to make the most of wherever I am/for whomever I can.

Thank you Debbie and Jerry, for speaking into my life and being a beautiful example of His light and love.

Thank you to my most incredible Husband, choosing me to be your bride, and allowing me to literally take a name that in fact is designed to beautify, bring life, nourish others, and heal.

Thank you Jesus, for being my rock, my salvation, and planting me where you have/will.  May you have ALL the glory.