…And We’re Back!

When we returned from England, I knew I’d need some time to re-adjust at home. A few weeks turned into a few months. Okay, I thought, I just make it a 1-year hiatus and kick off after the summer…   Then a miscarriage, and a full-term pregnancy later – we are now Blooming as a family of four and loving […]

Vegan Brownies

Yum and yummy! As always, I seek dairy/egg-free alternatives for my favorite desserts. I finally stumbled across a recipe that I have tweaked to my own preferences. The result – vegan brownies even Troy will gobble up! They are rich in dark chocolate, not too sweet, and moist – even with the whole wheat flour, which I find can often […]

The Gift of Galvanization

  I love words. (Sometimes too much, say the longer blog entries!) Have you ever been on the hunt for a specific word you couldn’t think of, and in the process of searching for it, you stumble upon other cool new words/meanings? No? Okay, I am a bit of a word nerd. But in a quick thesaurus word search, I noticed under […]

From Filthy to Flawless

In our flat, we have 2 kitchen windows I loving refer to as my portal windows. They are about a 2.5 ft in diameter. – My little peek outdoors – to check the weather (because one can *never* rely on forecasts here ;), to watch the deer run behind our flat, and to track the transformation of the landscape as the […]

Joy and Great Service – Observations of the US Embassy London

Walking around London, one will happen upon many offices that may as well be beautiful entries to a residence. Each with its own country flag proudly displaying out front and usually a sign that indicates it is the ‘Embassy of ….’. For some reason, I always find it exciting to find these offices and just wonder, even briefly as I […]

Traveling Tips – with Toddler (part 3)

  Hopping the Pond (Part III) This rounds out the prep and travel posts (for now, anyway). 🙂 This final set has some additional ideas for traveling, with the actual flight in consideration. On the Plane If you purchased a seat for your little one, using the airline seatbelt (required) to strap in the car seat will leave a hard, […]

Traveling Tips – with Toddler (Part 2)

Hopping the Pond (Part II) For the Airport If you have the means, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a seat for children on long flights. It gives them AND you space to rest. Sprout sleeps much longer in his own seat, than in my arms. My husband came out before us, so it was just me on the flight. Praise the […]

Traveling Tips – with Toddler (Part 1)

Hopping the Pond (Part I) I figured it was about time I shared some insights to our move across the Deep Blue. Some tips are general enough for *any* travel, not limited to ‘moves’. I knew we wanted to travel as light as possible, and, I’m pretty frugal. So if it was a necessity, or something Sprout really enjoyed, I […]

The Bumpy Road

I love exploring. I do a lot of it with Theron and my jogging stroller in tow. It’s how I learn new areas, new routes. From one canal, I heard trains run close and I could catch the path in Wolvercote. Today, I decided to take it. Sprout is now fascinated with trains (thank you, London!). “Choo-choo”, he says in […]

Baked Ziti

When it comes to eats, Troy knows what he likes. In 2009, he decided to start keeping a list of his Top 10 favorite meals that I make for him. One that Sprout also loves, is Baked Ziti. One of the things I love about this recipe is its versatility. I’ve made it with beef and turkey, various assortments of […]

Being a Blessing to My Spouse

There are so many times I’ve caught my spouse blessing me in ways I didn’t expect. Things he does even when he is exhausted. Even as I begin this journey into blogland, he has been by my side, actively showing his support and encouragement in multiple ways. Whether a conversation where I share a thought and he gently nudges me […]

An Introduction to dōTERRA® Essential Oils

My newest addiction (it’s legal 😉 all started with my back pain. As Sprout was learning to walk, (which he desired to do almost from day 1 – the kid never really crawled!) he would want to be upright to go anywhere and everywhere. This meant *hours* of being bent over him to hold his hands. While I loved his […]